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Create Consistent, Quality Reports in Power BI using the Altis Power BI Template

By Phil Stevens, Principal Consultant

Power BI as a data visualisation tool has proven to be very popular in the data and analytics marketplace and is now very well embedded into organisations across the globe. Although it is a very powerful tool in the hands of a skilled analyst or even a curious business user, we at Altis have seen a trend with our clients of ‘quantity over quality’ when it comes to implementations of the tool. Governance across correct best practice application with this tool and consistency with the look and feel of reports is proving to be difficult, as organisations expand their usage of Power BI to gain insights into their data.

In response to this issue, Altis has developed the ‘Altis Power BI Framework’ product that can assist organisations with tackling these consistency and governance problems, whilst also effectively promoting efficiencies within their analytics teams when it comes to creating new reports and data visualisations. Often it is not so much a technical skills shortage within data and analytics teams that creates the issue of a lack of consistency, but more a focus from individuals on their own styles and designs with a reliance on ‘what has always worked before’ that can cause a drift of standards within a team’s delivery.

In this webinar, we will take you through a key component of the framework, the ‘Altis Power BI Template’. After successfully implementing this tool at multiple clients, we believe it can be implemented easily within organisations to promote a culture of best practice utilisation within data and analytics teams. We have seen on many occasions, the Altis Power BI Framework improve the quality and consistency of output from our clients, leading to better business outcomes overall.

The key areas this webinar addresses with regards to the Altis Power BI Template include:

  • What is a Power BI Template
  • Why use a Power BI Template
  • Why the Altis Power BI Template was created
  • What is included with the Altis Power BI Template

Join us as we discuss in more depth the paths that can be taken to discover actionable insights:

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