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Private Data Analytics Training

Sam, Joined 2014

Our Private Data & Analytics Training is your guide towards becoming a data-driven organisation.

Open the pathway to smarter, data-led decision making.

Altis’ private training empowers you with the knowledge to draw actionable insights from your own data.

Training Pathways

Our Data and Analytics training is delivered along pathways to be travelled through at your own pace. Every subject begins with a foundational course, before splintering into specialised conceptual and targeted courses, all of which can be taught both on-site and remotely.

Foundational courses are the entry points. They give you the baseline understanding of a topic, getting everyone speaking the same language before progressing further along the training pathway.

Conceptual courses are the next step, expanding on introductory knowledge. They develop ideas learnt in foundational courses, allowing participants to move toward a specialised certification path.

Targeted courses allow participants to hone their skills in a particular area of study. These courses are often more hands-on, requiring access to computers and specific software.

Charlotte, Joined 2016

Meet our Trainers

Sara O'Connor

Sara O.

Joined 2021

Barkha J.

Chris Trela

Christopher T.

Joined 2021
Julia Gusman

Julia G.

Joined 2013
Andrew Fuccilli

Andrew F.

Joined 2012

Lindsey A.

Joined 2011
Sam Riggs

Sam R.

Joined 2014

Andrew P.

Joined 2011
Ian Stuart

Ian S.

Joined 2015
Sandra Cabrelle

Sandra C.

Joined 2010
Roger Light

Roger L.

Joined 2019

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