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Establishment of a standardized and integrated data platform Part 1 – TEG Case Study

Through their integrated operating model, TEG (Ticketek) bring the best live content, ticketing and technology to their partners and create memories for fans that last a lifetime.

A key differentiator in their approach is being a truly digital company first, enabling data and analytics to help shape the customer experience.


In this multi-part series, we’ll explore how TEG and Altis built a modern data platform for ingesting streaming data into Snowflake, integrating with the Braze customer engagement platform and automating solution deployments globally.


TEG sought to rationalize their existing technology stack and provide a foundation for unifying and sharing data across the enterprise, capable of satisfying various business use cases.

AWS and Snowflake provide scalable services to support low-latency data ingestion into the platform.
The consolidated and shared data capability was initially proven by developing a two-way integration with the Braze customer engagement platform. Braze enables TEG to deliver cutting-edge digital marketing to customers.

In support of TEG’s continued global expansion, the platform was designed with automated deployment processes including Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).

High Level Architecture

Streaming data ingestion is achieved using AWS cloud services including RDS, Kinesis & S3 together with Snowflake features such as Snowpipe, streams and tasks. Auxiliary data sets from TEG’s analytics business unit (Big Query / Google Cloud Storage) are also ingested into Snowflake, further enriching existing customer data.

The Altis Data Load Accelerator (DLA) was implemented to expedite development of the Snowflake staging and presentation layers through its’ feature-rich and metadata driven approach. This framework gives the data platform the ability to be easily extended in future.

Both streaming and batch data pipelines are supported via the Braze “user track” and “subscription status” APIs. Snowflake data sharing is utilised to surface Braze data within TEG’s own Snowflake environment.

Business users can access operational reporting and analytics via Tableau connected to Snowflake.
Gitlab CICD pipelines and a structured approach to developing additional features enables the data platform to be rolled out to TEG’s global regions in a consistent manner.

Why TEG Chose Altis

Altis Consulting has a proven track record in designing and implementing modern data platforms.
Altis is used to delivering large programs of work that span platform migration, business requirements gathering and end-to-end solution delivery.

One of the best technology partnerships I have been involved in. A game-changing result for TEG’s global operations.

Andrew Reid – General Manager, TEG Ovation

A massive achievement for TEG in our progression to be a data driven enterprise.”

Tane Oakes – Chief Technology Officer, TEG

You can read Part 2 of our TEG Case Study here.

Do you want to find out more about establishing an integrated data platform?

Connect with Altis today to find out how we can help maximise your business performance.



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