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Altis has delivered a Metadata driven ETL framework along with a greenfield data warehouse

Big Red Group (BRG) is home to leading ecommerce experience marketplaces RedBalloon, Adrenaline and Lime&Tonic, and enterprise platforms REDii and Marketics (Albert AI).

“At BRG the customer is at the heart of everything we do because we know that their success is our success. With a vision to serve an experience every second somewhere on earth, we continue to invest in infrastructure, artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms to seamlessly connect our supply partners with millions of experience seekers all day, every day.”

The Challenge

Prior to implementation of the solution, BRG faced common challenges such as:

  • Lack of consistency and standards across warehouse and reporting artefacts
  • Reports generated directly from source system databases
  • Difficulty maintaining code
  • High cost to integrate data from new source systems
  • Limited ability to utilize modern analytics technologies to improve decision making.
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AWS was chosen as a data platform for its ability to scale, its robustness and versatility.

It supports BRG current and future data and analytics requirements.

Why the Customer Chose the Partner

Altis Consulting has a wide experience designing and implementing data platforms on AWS.

The Altis team was able to quickly deliver business value thanks to a series of focused and agile engagements.

Partner solution

  • Data Sources: AWS RDS / Flat Files on Amazon S3
  • Data Store: Amazon S3
  • ETL: Matillion on AWS EC2
  • Data Warehouse: Snowflake
  • Reporting and analytics: Tableau on AWS EC2

“We know first-hand that experiences are a unique way to celebrate moments and create memories that people want to share. This is why we
have made it our purpose to ‘shift the way people experience life’.”

“Experiences build connection, and that’s why we do what we do.”


The Results and Benefits

The key business benefits delivered were:

  • Establishing a Data Warehouse according to best practice
  • Creating a metadata driven ETL framework supporting rapid integration of new data sources
  • Delivery of sales subject allowing decommissioning of reports generated directly from source
  • Business well positioned to leverage Analytics and AI technologies

The Future

The BRG and Altis will continue the Data platform journey by integrating additional data set from a variety of internal and external data sources including stream, API and Social Media data.




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