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The Altis Framework

Webinar: Accelerate Your Analytics Solution with Azure

by Mik Panchal, Managing Consultant & Manan Patel, Senior Consultant

In this webinar, we discussed how you can accelerate your analytics solution with Azure using the Altis Azure Framework.

With more and more emphasis on delivering data in Azure “Cloud” for analytics, there has been a big focus on automating this process in order to deliver data in the right place and right format as quickly as possible.

We encourage you to connect with us and our team to talk about how we can help with your Modern Data Platform Journey, we can help you determine the readiness of your organisation and organise a more in-depth technical demonstration.

As a special offer: Contact us before June 30th 2020 to get 20% off our Framework, which includes:
  • 20 consulting days to establish our Framework (ADF, CICD, and Reconciliation)
  • We will implement a PoC using 10-15 objects from your data source
  • Training your team
Below is a small highlight from our webinar –

Should we invest more time getting data into a Modern Data Platform or spend more time analysing the data and creating insights for the business?

We found that a big portion of any Modern Data Platform involved integrating data in the right place and right format before it can be transformed for analytics.

Throughout our Azure projects; our team had implemented some form of Framework to automate data integration. This enabled the team to speed up the Extract Load and Transform (ELT) process so that information is available for reporting and analysis.

As a result, we saw an opportunity to gather our collective experience across different projects and establish the Altis Azure Framework.

The framework consists of three components:

  • ADF – which is used to automate and orchestrate data integration
  • CICD – allows for continuous Integration of code and allow the team to automate deployment to different environments
  • Reconciliation – used to automate testing and provide reconciliation capabilities to the business

The diagrams below illustrate the components that make up the Altis Framework, some of the key features, and the benefits of implementing the framework as part of your Modern Data Platform.

Please see our Azure Practice page or contact us if you would like to know more about our Azure offering.

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