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Advanced Analytics Platform Architecture

by Kent Teague, Managing Consultant, VIC

A major water utility with a goal to use data to drive solutions and decision making through greater insights into their networks and customers.

Altis, alongside the major water utility, architected a Cloud Data & Advanced Analytics Platform capable of supporting its business strategy and objectives. Altis helped put data and analytics at the centre of the water utility’s decision making.

The Goal

To become a “Data-Driven Organisation”. By leveraging the untapped value of their unstructured data, the major water utility wanted to move forward from its current state, where business decisions are primarily reactive, to proactively making informed business decisions based on their data.

Their current data landscape consists of information spread across disparate systems, with limited robust data governance to underpin accurate, efficient and timely data access and understanding.

Why Altis was chosen

Altis has demonstrable and significant experience in designing and implementing large scale modern data and analytics platforms.

Altis also has a deep knowledge and understanding of the water utility domain across Australia and New Zealand.

The Solution

Advanced Analytics Platform Architecture

Altis was engaged in designing a comprehensive architecture for its Enterprise Data & Advanced Analytics Platform.

Altis spoke to key stakeholders from various parts of the organisation to understand their pain points in the current data landscape and the future opportunities the stakeholders could derive from a new data and analytics platform.

Altis created a robust and scalable modern data architecture to support the processing of large volumes of all types of data and the application of complex business rules in a scalable manner. The architecture will serve as the core foundation for the enablement of effective business insights to drive critical decision-making based on a complete, traceable, trusted, repeatable, reliable, timely and secure platform.

Data Governance Strategy Framework

In conjunction with the designed data architecture, Altis created a Data Governance strategy and framework to underpin governance initiatives’ operationalisation. The Data Governance strategy and framework will facilitate and ensure that trust in systems, processes and data is established, maintained and consistent across the organisation.

Tangible Outcomes

The major water utility now possesses a leading industry-best practice Enterprise-Grade Data and Advanced Analytics Platform architecture. Underpinned by a best practice Data Governance framework providing the foundation and a clear path forward to achieving the business goal of becoming a “Data-Driven Organisation”, enabling more significant insights into their customers and networks that will facilitate informed decision making.

Water Utility Case Study




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